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PlinkIt! is the premier cross-platform, private and secure file transfer utility for your office
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16 January 2008

Editor's review

File sharing is the normal process in any organization but the only thing that takes the eye of concern is safety of the information if it is being transferred through internet sources. To reduce such worries try PlunkIt Mac 1.0, a remarkable utility that would make your file transfer easy and safe. Through PlunkIt Mac 1.0 you can have the files and folders sent to any PC through the network and even get connected to the remote offices in a assuredly secure manner. While using the software you need not to worry whether its Windows or Macintosh as would not face any complications while sharing the files between them. The users of the other computers are shown listed and you just need to drag and drop the file to the username. Have the customization done to have the appearance and functions working according to your preferences.

PlunkIt Mac 1.0 when installed finds the entire users on the network and shows them listed on the screen. You can even scan the network if you any username is not appearing. Select the folder where your received file would be stored with the ‘Preferences’ window. Make the changes relating to various aspects of the program easily. It’s simple to make the selections for the sound and alerts to be active when you’re receiving any file or folder. You’re also provided with the features for making the changes relating to the users on the network. Change the appearance of the main window by selecting the color, style, transparency level and the hiding location. Configure the required changes relating to the networking and maintain the log files that contain the activity record. PlunkIt Mac 1.0 is a utility that uses peer-to-peer technology and works efficiently on LAN network.

PlunkIt Mac 1.0 works on your LAN network and provides you with safe transfer of file and folder between the all the users on the network. It does not depend on the internet for sending the files and thus there are no chances that the information is send outside the organization. Considering all these aspects it has been rated with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

PlunkIt! is the cross-platform private file-transfer utility for your office. Instantly send files or folders to any user on your network.
PlunkIt! uses peer-to-peer technology and does not rely on Internet servers to transfer files within your local network. This makes PlunkIt! a very fast in-house file-transfer system that complements your Internet email. All of your transfers can be conducted without fear of accidentally sending data out of your company.
In addition, there is no viruses and no non-company file transfers. You can be sure that everything in PlunkIt! is company business. PlunkIt! also connects remote offices securely across the Internet, creating a "virtual LAN."
PlunkIt! is plug and play software. It installs in a minute and is immediately usable. PlunkIt! configures itself and finds other users on the network without system administration.
PlunkIt! features include:
* Seamlessly send files between Windows and Macintosh computers.
* Send files with a simple drag and drop on user names. Names window is hidden off of edge of the screen, so it doesn't get in the way of your normal workflow. Simply drag onto exposed edge and then drop file/folder on the receiver's name.

* Receive notification in the Log when your file arrives

* Control color and style of main window, including transparency and hiding location
* Choose how you will be notified of file arrival with optional sounds, flashing windows, icon bouncing, and alert boxes
Version 1.0
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